Skills & Know-how

Over the past 50 years, Saint Palais has conceived and manufactured curved solid wood, glued laminated timber and plywood products.The company’s technical know-how make it your ideal partner when it comes to developing all types of curved wooden and composite products.

Since 1964, our bending, gluing, thermoforming and CNC machining have enabled us to develop tailor made solutions for our customers, respecting all of their requirements.

 Research and innovation are the heart of our strategy and enable us to permanently propose new bending forms and new materials.

 We implement all species of woods (leafy, exotic and coniferous), veneers and MDF, HPL and marquetry, as well as different types of surfaces (HPL, thermoplastics films, …) and different materials such as synthetic resins, honeycombs and foams.

 We can also assemble and coat curved components.


Technical means  

  • Our research department enable us to ensure quick developments of all types of curved parts.
  • Our Workshop of 4000 M2 with 3 steam presses (for solid wood bending), 15 electrical and high frequency presses (for curving, gluing and thermoforming), 5 axis CNC mechanizing centre.